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Instagram – Check out my Instagram page. I post repost your pictures always! If you tag #dylankendall I’ll find you! I also post photos of my cats, my house guest Kiwi, the three-legged chihuahua and some of my favorite things.

Pinterest: Follow me on Pinterest! This is one of my favorite platforms! Here you can check out my favorite vegan home furnishings as well as see how other people are using footed bowls to make their homes happy or share your own photos! I think you can even message me know through Pinterest.

Twitter: @dylankendall - I am definately reachable through twitter if you have a quick question or thought, please share! I also repost all your happy homes photos here

Facebook: Check out my Facebook page. Because Facebook has changed the way posts are viewed, I don’t spend as much time updating it as I should, but I do read all my comments and always reply so feel free to reach me there!

Visit My Blog? I launched my blog to share ideas – my own and yours! If you have a question or a comment, email me directly at Believe it, that I answer every single email that comes my way! Sometimes I need to wait until a weekend to give more thoughtful responses but I’m always accessible.

Press: Looking to contact me about a press opportunity? Email me directly, I’m never far from an email!

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