Are your products dishwasher and microwave safe?

Yes! All our products are dishwasher and microwave safe! However we recommend you use care with all Dylan Kendall items and do not remove dish ware directly from the microwave without gloves or kitchen towels as with all stoneware items, they retain heat and will be hot!

What if my friends come over and try to steal my Dylan Kendall bowls?

Ah yes, we understand. There is something oddly intimate about our products, and friends and family alike have been known to become very attached to them. In the case that this happens, we suggest you have a sit-down with the guilty party and encourage him or her to visit dylankendall.com to bring home their own Dylan Kendall products.

Can I have my Efeet Collection item(s) be on your website?

Yes! Not only are we thrilled to share photos of happy feet in happy homes, we also will show our thanks to you with a 10% discount on your next order if you send us your best photo! (send your photos to info@dylankendall.com)

Where else can I buy Dylan Kendall products?

Currently Dylan Kendall products are sold on this website and a select number of retailers nationwide. Please check our Stores page for a boutique near you.

How can my store carry Dylan Kendall products?

We’d love to have the Efeet Collection be a part of your store’s inventory. Write to us at sales@dylankendall.com for more information!

Are there more items coming?

Yes! The Efeet Collection is growing by leaps and bounds with new colors…sign up for our newsletter to be alerted regarding future roll-outs! In addition, Dylan is busy working on new items that involve more interactive and fun home accessories!

Why does my Efeet item rattle?

We construct the items in the Efeet Collection by hand and when the feet get attached to the body, we have to add a small hole to vent the air in the feet during firing. The air inside the feet, otherwise, would heat up and without a release, cause the feet to blow up. Sometimes a bit of clay gets trapped in the feet when we are punching the hole. This fragment is fired in the foot and then makes the jingling noise. This happens infrequently, but it does happen. We, however, love that some of our products are musical as well!

What’s up with Bowly Guy?

Bowly Guy was the brainchild of Dylan Kendall after years of putting feet on bowls. As the company was forming, she thought her first human-footed bowl might want to take a tour of LA before landing in a shopping cart. Please watch our film on the Videos Page to see Bowly Guy in action!