How to Have a Green Birthday Party!

This year I was tasked with organizing Adrian’s first birthday party with his new school friends! Was I up for the challenge? I was! I had three goals: How did I handle each one? The first goal was easy. FUN! After having attended enough boys’ birthday parties, I learned that the quickest path to fun […]

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Designing Compassionate and Chic Floors

Flooring is the aesthetic foundation of our homes. From hardwood, to carpet, concrete or rug-filled, our floors define the look and style of our homes and even say a little about us. Floors reveal whether we prefer modern and clean, warm and colorful and, now, if we are compassionate. Can we keep our vegan values […]

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To Bee or Not to Bee: The Truth Beehind Honey and Beeswax

For years, I believed that honey was a natural and healthy option to other sweeteners. And I loved beeswax. I even rolled my own sheets to make candles in my late 20s. When I chose to live a vegan life, I dutifully gave up honey and beeswax but I wasn’t really sure why. I would […]

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Compassionate Bedrooms for Peaceful Dreams

The bedroom is the heart of our home, our most intimate space. The bedroom is the room that recharges us, holds our secrets, and provides refuge. No piece of furniture is as important as our bed, the bedroom’s centerpiece. For me, a comfortable bed is key to my bedroom and comfortable for me means soft […]

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Are Your Cleaning Supplies Slowly Killing You?

    Stains, grime and fingerprints – a  detective’s best friends, my worst enemy. A clean house to me is a happy and healthy house. Streaks on my bathroom mirror, cat hair settling on the dining room table, cat hair on my sheets!– these are the things which keep me up at night. Pre-vegan I […]

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