Customer Kudos

“”Not only is my NEW FOOTED MUG MORE ADORABLE IN PERSON than I could have imagined, but the feet and handle stay cool after microwave heating so I don’t have to worry about putting it down on delicate surfaces and don’t burn my hand. Brilliant! My pottery barn mugs should really take some lessons. Or I should just replace them all. :) ”” Deborah from Los Angeles

“”HAVE JUST BOUGHT TWOof your deliciously characterful bowls (one large one small) and I’m gooey with pleasure – I just keep looking at them and smiling. Just joyous objects, thank you!”” Piccola Boo from England

“”I JUST WATCHED the e-feet commercial and think those bowls are abso-freegin-lutely awesome!!! First time seeing them; way cute!”” Loretta from Los Angeles

“”THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Today I finally received my purchase of the bathroom set. I am very pleased and happy! This is what I wanted. Thank you again!”” Krill from Russia

“”THANK YOU KINDLY for great design and hasty shipping! The package came to Stockholm, Sweden just in time for Christmas. The bowls arrived safe and sound and made great gifts!””‘Erika from Sweden

“”GAVE A SET of four to my kids for Christmas! They were ECSTATIC! Thanks so much. Keep up the creativity.”” Peter via Facebook

“”I am SOOOO HAPPY with my Dylan Kendall home accessories! I find myself grabbing for my orange footed mugs and white foot bowls before any other dishes now. It truly does inspire a happy morning!!”” Mitzi from Los Angeles

“”THE LITTLE BOWLS and candle holders are a hit in our house! Nobody here is under the age of 25, but we find them whimsical and awesome all the same. We especially love the detail you put into the ankles and toes. They are recognizable feet! How cool!”” K.W. from Michigan

“”CUPS WITH FEET. It’s gonna be a big ting, ya get me? I predict the world domination shall begin around Christmas with the obligatory Instagram pictures of hot chocolate!”” Liam via Twitter

“”OUR BOWLS and mugs are here!! My kids lost their little minds! You would think a box of kittens were delivered! Thank you, they really are joyful. ♥”” Robyn from Los Angeles

“”LOVE my new Happy Feet mugs and bowls…I felt very happy when I opened the box! Thank you, Dylan!”” Denise from California

“”MUCH WHOOPING and hollering today as we opened the long-awaited box, and man, were we happy! Even more beautiful than we were hoping. And we were hoping for a lot. We ran around the house finding beautiful things to take turns sitting in the bowl. The only conflict point was the mother emphasizing that we. are. not. going. to keep any for ourselves this time. LOVE THE WORK, the packaging also is very lovely, sleek and protects the product well. Beautiful things, Dylan, thank you.”” Karen from Los Angeles

“”WE LOVE the salt & pepper shakers!”” Lawrence from Los Angeles

“”JUST RECEIVED my shipment and I must say. They are just amazing!!! You have done a great job on creating these fantastic designs. My wife and daughter were so surprised. They love it. Thank you so much.”” Sha from New Jersey

“”WE CAN’T WAIT to have these bowls! Me and my boyfriend want them desperately for our house! We feel really jealous, as our jobs relate with design and we would like to be us who designed such a cute product!!!!! Congratulations again!”” Fani from Russia

“”I JUST ORDERED the mugs and bowls. I feel like I’ve bought small pieces of happiness. )))”” Tatiana from Italy

“”I WANTED TO TELL YOU how much I adore your work. It’s so fun and creative and such a simple way to enrich a space with an understated, yet bold piece of kitchenware.I’ve shared your work with several of my friends, all of which have been charmed and shown the same rapturous affection I have.”” Jason from Australia

“”ME REFERIA A LO SIGUIENTE, cuando vi los bolws en la paguina web me gustaron y pense en relarselos a mi mujer ya que usa mucho bolws a la hora de comer. cuando los recibimos tengo que decir que nos gustaron mucho mas que en las fotos de la web. algunas veces sucede que algo que puedes comprar por internet y despues cuando lo recibes no tiene la mismas sensaciones. espero que me puedas entender. Espero poder seguir descubriendo tus productos y poder adquerir más piezas. Thanks you very much for bringing a smile to muy wife (gracias por sacarle una sonrisa a mi mujer).”” Javier from Spain

“”I LOVE your design concepts. I first saw your work in Uncommon Good’s catalog. It inspired the exclamation, “Mugs with feet!” in my office. Essentially, I am a big believer in rewards for meeting performance goals and I told my law partner that I wanted a mug with feet every time I meet a goal. So, every time I do, we cry out, “Mugs with feet!” and wish for one in my happy hands.”” Cass from Texas

“”THANKS FOR sending the salt and pepper shakers. Absolutely LOVE them!”” Jarrod from Utah

“”GOT MY FOOTED candleholders, they’re lovely! And I’ll be sending at least one to my podiatrist friend!”” Erika from California