Ceramic Bowls on Feet - DK2 Line!

$12.99 $7.99

Introducing a new collection, our DK2 line! Save a few dollars and bring home one our less than perfect factory seconds. We believe our imperfect ceramics have even more character and, really, can't perfect can be so boring! Quantities limited. Please note these are factory seconds and may have imperfections like uneven feet, pinholes or glaze spots. They are fully functional and food safe like all our products! We can not take returns on our seconds. 

Our signature bowl in two sizes: small and medium! This is the bowl that launched a thousand ships!

Our medium footed bowl is perfect for cereal, pasta, and soups and make outstanding gifts! Our small footed bowl is perfect for snacks, spices and paperclips! After using footed bowls you'll wonder how lived without them! 

All our bowls are dishwasher and microwave safe (always use caution when removing ceramics from the microwave). Lead and cadmium free. Made from premium stoneware.

Small Bowl 4"D x 4"H | White | 1 cup

Medium Bowl 7"D x 5"H | White | 4 cups

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