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Ceramic Bowls with Dinosaur Feet | Footed Bowl

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Why I Stand Out…

  • So, your dishware is prehistoric, bought during your college years when you just needed one bowl to eat your ramen from. It’s time to step out of the dark ages, raise your bowl game, and give me a try.  
  • Whether you’re a carnivore or herbivore, all meals sit well with me. I don’t discriminate about what fills your belly best, but I will pass a bit of judgment on those fossils in your cabinets.  Consider those old bowls extinct. 
  • I look way more intimidating than I am. Just because I used to roam the earth hunting prey doesn’t mean I can’t fit nicely, and amicably, into your kitchen.  

Judgement-Free Uses

  • Home for your pet rock
  • Ice bucket for your white ‘claws’
  • Fondue dish
  • Crumpled receipts saved for when you finally balance your checkbook
  • The whole carton of ice cream


Dishwasher-safe | Microwave-safe | Lead and cadmium free | Non-toxic | Sturdy and durable premium, non-porous stoneware

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