Ceramic Sugar Packet or Tea Caddy with Feet - DK2 Line!

$11.99 $7.99

Introducing a new collection, our DK2 line! Save a few dollars and bring home one our less than perfect factory seconds. We believe our imperfect ceramics have even more character and, really, can't perfect can be so boring! Quantities limited. Please note these are factory seconds and may have imperfections like uneven feet, pinholes or glaze spots. They are fully functional and food safe like all our products! We can not take returns on seconds. 

Feeling square? So is our caddy! This little square bowl was first designed to hold tea bags or packets of sugar but works great for candy and business cards too! The square bowl is a bit different from our other footed items and really stands out. The caddy is a great home item on its own but, of course, works wonderfully with the creamer and sugar bowl to make for a perfect afternoon moment. 

Caddy 3.5"D x 3"H | White

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