Rainbow Elephant and Sleepy Cat - Eco Toddlers Dishware

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Frustrated by all the chemicals we’re exposed to daily (which may have caused cancer in my own family) and all the plastic pollution in the oceans, I set out on a journey to find an alternative to petrochemical plastic. I wanted something safe, biodegradable, earth/ocean-friendly and, just as importantly, I wanted something fun that kids would want to use, would be dishwasher-safe, and would be durable. (Because how many plates have we all picked up off the floor during dinner??) I'm proud to introduce our new safe eco-plastic made from bamboo and corn, designed with our signature sense of whim and fun with all the colors and animals kids love!

Mine is a small, woman-led business. It can be challenging to want to make a difference for the world, working at your dining room table. I've persisted because I really want better products for our families and for our planet, and I think I’m not alone in that.

This pre-sale are our way of letting you, someone who wants to protect the planet as we do, help us bring these products to market. Let’s stand together for our kids and the world.

Limited quantities of our new FIRST-TO-MARKET eco "plastic" for toddlers are on pre-sale! Purchase one now, and your order will be shipped in six weeks. Better for your family and the planet.

We believe in a land where where blue Cats curl up in rainbow Elephant trucks. There are no wrong colors in our world. We know that creatures come in all sizes, shapes and colors and they are all our friends. Our dishes inspire us to recognize and embraces the differences we have and to not be fearful of others who may look different! 

What makes these dishes eco?

We made these dishes to give families a safer choice both for their kids and for the planet. Our eco dishes are made from a blend of bamboo and corn and have less than a teaspoon of melamine in them. These dishes will never expose your children to toxic chemicals and are as safe as eating on a leaf. As importantly, most kids' dishes in the market are not recyclable and end up polluting the oceans where they break into tiny particulates which get consumed by birds and sea animals. Our eco dishes are biodegradable and ocean-safe, they will dissolve. Everything from the durable bioplastic material to the dyes to the glossy coating is plant-based. We believe we should protect our kids from more chemical exposure and protect the planet so that they, and all the animals who share the Earth with us, can enjoy the natural environment for generations to come. 

Drawings by Martin León Barreto for Dylan Kendall.


Tray: 8.5” (width) x 11” (length) x 0.5” (height)

Bowl: 2.5” (height) x 4” (diameter)

Cup: 2” (height) x 3” (diameter)

Fork and spoon: 5” (length)


Use with love. ♥

Dishes are durable, multi-use and dishwasher safe. 

Do not microwave as organic, plant-based dishes may warp! 

BPA and Phthalates free.


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