Wise Turtle - Eco Kids Dishware

Limited quantities of our new FIRST-TO-MARKET eco "plastic" for kids are on pre-sale! Purchase one now, and your order will be shipped in two weeks. Better for your family and the planet.

Our wise Turtle symbolizes good health and a long life. The turtle is one of the most careful creatures in the animal kingdom, never in a rush but always living in the present. We believe our turtle reminds us all to slow down, walk our paths thoughtfully and enjoy the experience of learning along the way. 

What makes these dishes eco?

We made these dishes to give families a safer choice both for their kids and for the planet. Our eco dishes are made from a blend of bamboo and corn and have less than a teaspoon of melamine in them. These dishes will never expose your children to toxic chemicals and are as safe as eating on a leaf. As importantly, most kids' dishes in the market are not recyclable and end up polluting the oceans where they break into tiny particulates which get consumed by birds and sea animals. Our eco dishes are biodegradable and ocean-safe, they will dissolve. Everything from the durable bioplastic material to the dyes to the glossy coating is plant-based. We believe we should protect our kids from more chemical exposure and protect the planet so that they, and all the animals who share the Earth with us, can enjoy the natural environment for generations to come. 

Drawings by Martin León Barreto for Dylan Kendall.


Dinner Plate: 10" Diameter 

Lunch Plate: 8" Diameter 

Cup: 3.5” Height, 3” Diameter

Bowl: 3” Height, 5.5” Diameter


Use with love. ♥

Dishes are durable, multi-use and dishwasher safe.

Do not microwave as organic, plant-based dishes may warp!

BPA and phthalates free.

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