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Our Peaceful Elephant symbolizes personal strength, honor and nobility. As the Elephant walks the plains, we believe she inspires us all to carry the same confidence and intelligence in our own actions.
  • 4 PIECES, 1 AFFORDABLE PRICE: Our kids’ dish set comes complete with dinner plate, desert plate, bowl and cup packaged in a pretty gift box! 
  • NO CHEMICALS NEAR KIDS: We all want our kids dishes to be safe and chemical free. Our kid dishes are made of a unique bamboo and corn blend unlike any other "bamboo" dishes in the market. Plus our dishes are FDA approved, BPA- and Phthalates free.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY & EASY TO CLEAN: Our eco plastic dishes are made from leftover bamboo saw-dust from other products so they are 100% renewable, sustainable and good for the planet. AND they are also durable for active kids! Perfect for lunches, outdoor park play dates and pool parties! No need to hand wash, our dishes are dishwasher safe! 
  • KID APPROVED: I tested these dishes on a very special focus group! My own "grandson" and his 8 year old friends! Our dishes celebrate the animal kingdom which kids love. From our silly rabbit to thoughtful elephant, our dishes spark children's creativity and imagination with animal drawings by internationally recognized artist Martin León Barreto.


Dinner Plate: 10" Diameter 

Lunch Plate: 8" Diameter 

Cup: 3.5” Height, 3” Diameter

Bowl: 3” Height, 5.5” Diameter


Use with love. 

Dishes are durable, multi-use and dishwasher safe.

Do not microwave as organic, plant-based dishes may warp!

BPA and phthalates free.

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