Pet Bowl | Riding the Wave - Eco Pet Bowls with Stainless Steel Liner

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Hang Ten! Have a furry friend who is happiest Riding the Wave? We made these bowls for the chillest pets out there. Waves the color of our favorite sunsets grace the sides of our eco pet bowl, reminding both furry loved ones and their companions to just Hakuna Matata through life, like the ebb and flow of the tide.

  • THE CUTEST PET BOWLS IN THE MARKET: 1 AFFORDABLE PRICE We know the choice is bleak for chic pet bowls. Don’t want brown and boring? That's why I designed these fun pet bowls!
  • NO CHEMICALS NEAR YOUR PETS: We all want our pets’ dishes to be safe and chemical free. Our pet bowls are made of 70% bamboo. Plus our dishes are FDA approved, BPA and Phthalates free.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY & EASY TO CLEAN: Our eco pet bowls are made from leftover bamboo saw-dust from other products so they are 100% renewable, sustainable and good for the planet. AND they are also durable for active pets! 
  • PET APPROVED: I tested these dishes on my tribe of rescue cats and they received a strong paws up! Drawings by internationally recognized artist Martin León Barreto.


All sizes come with a removable stainless steel liner.

      Small: 5" length, 2" height, and 4.5" bowl diameter, holds 3/4 cup to the rim

      Medium: 6.5" length, 2.5" height, and 5.5" bowl diameter,  holds 1.5 cup 

      Large: 8" length, 2.5" height, and 7" bowl diameter, holds 3 cups to the rim


Use with love. ♥

Please hand wash. We do not recommend putting the base in the dishwasher as the rubber anti-skid may erode.

Customer Reviews

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Five Stars

I’m so happy with this product and the design!! Thank you Dylan!!

Alicia B.
I like the item itself,

I like the item itself, but the labels on the base and bottom were so frustrating to remove. It took me 30 minutes, lots of Goo Gone, and plenty of elbow grease. I don't understand why you would put such horrible labels on this product.

Hi Alice, I absolutely understand and hate the glue also! We needed a strong glue to hold the stainless steel liner into the bamboo base but we went a little overboard. That glue drives me crazy also. Future production runs will not have this issue and I'm truly sorry for what you experienced.

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