Ceramic Dinosaur Footed Mug


Ceramic Dinosaur Footed Mug Only Six Weeks Left to Pre-Order! We ship all products which meet their minimum orders in February!

Sorry for the last two bad pics and yes there's green! I'll take a poll at the end to see which color we make! 

Why I Stand Out…

  • Mornings aren’t fun for me. Whenever I see that giant ball of light moving in the sky it brings me back to a dark place.  I know I’m supposed to be here to support you…but can you just hold me for a minute?
  • Raise your foot if you feel like a dried-up fossil in the morning before coffee. Ah yes, I’ve found my people. I'm here to help stand you up during those early hours of the AM. 
  • It’s time to rise and shine, stretch those old bones, and face your day feet first. Easier said than done, I know, but at least we can roam through the morning together!

Judgement-Free Uses

  • Early morning confessions
  • Psychic tea leaf readings
  • The collection of coins at the bottom of your purse
  • Decaffeinated liquid of choice
  • The bones of your prey


8 ounces (1 cup) | Dishwasher-safe | Microwave-safe | Lead and cadmium free | Non-toxic | Sturdy and durable premium, non-porous stoneware | 3"D x 4.5" | 1 cup

*Always use caution when removing from microwave. Ceramics get hot. We understand the impulse, we've all been there. 



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