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Footed Ceramic Bowls and Kitchen Accessories

Our ceramics stand out! Whimsical design meets clean-lined minimalism in our iconic footed stoneware for home. The Explorers Collections reminds us that play is not just for kids but for the kid in all of us. 

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Ceramic Bowls with Feet | Medium | Footed Bowl
Ceramic Bowls with Feet | Small | Footed Bowl
Ceramic Sugar Bowl on Feet | Footed Bowl
Ceramic Sugar Packet or Tea Caddy with Feet | Footed Dish
Ceramic Coffee Creamer on Feet | Footed Tea Creamer
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Ceramic Salt and Pepper Shakers with Feet | Spicey!
Ceramic Soap Dish on Claw Feet | Three colors
Ceramic Tooth Brush Cup | Pencils | Holder of Many Objects
Ceramic Footed Flower and Plant Vase | Three Colors
Ceramic Bowls with Dinosaur Feet | Footed Bowl