Company of Cats - Eco Double Feeder Pet Bowl with Stainless Steel Liner


If one cat is good and two are great, what do six cool cats make? Cattasticness! Our Crayola-colored cat bowl double feeder reminds us that there is nothing crazy about being in the company of a clowder of cats. Instead our Company of Cats freely gives belly rubs and kitty kisses and always lets you sleep in the morning!

What makes this bowl eco?

The base of this bowl is made from bamboo grass. Yes, you read that right! Everything from the durable eco-plastic material to the dyes to the glossy coating is plant-based. Our eco pet bowl is biodegradable, ocean-friendly, and doesn't leach harmful chemicals into your pet's food. 

The bamboo we use is leftover bamboo "sawdust" generated during bamboo chopstick manufacturing. Less waste for the planet, more pet bowls for us!

The anti-skid rubber tread at the bottom of the bowl prevents your furry friend from pushing the bowl around. (Though we can't promise the tread won't prevent your furry friend from pushing you around!)

Drawings by Martin León Barreto for Dylan Kendall.


13" length, 2.5" height, and 5.5" diameter.

The double feeder comes with two removable and dishwasher-safe stainless steel liners.


Use with love. ♥

The stainless steel liners are dishwasher-safe. We do not recommend putting the base in the dishwasher as the rubber anti-skid may erode.

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