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Say goodbye to those terrible single-use plastic bags with our new statement Bagettes! Chic, simple, practical and made entirely from recycled water and soda bottles. 

Just like the elephant family on our Bagette™, elephants are among the most expressive animals on Earth. We now know that elephants have the capacity to experience complex emotions such as joy and sorrow. Elephants bond to their young, live in family groups, and feel the grieve the death of friends and family members.

Sadly both African and Asian elephants are on the endangered species list as they are killed for ivory. Please never buy ivory.

A percentage of each Elephant Family Bagette you purchase supports The Rainforest Action Network, an agency fighting to protect the climate and the forests from destruction for all people and animals.

Drawings by Martin León Barreto for Dylan Kendall.

How to use

Bagettes replace plastic bags for all your carrying needs! Bring them to the farmer's market for your fresh produce, or Target® for your cleaning supplies. Bagettes will easily carry all the Q-tips and glue your kids need you to bring to school for Craft Day; they make great beach totes; and can carry more than enough snacks and frisbees for park play-dates! And the best part about a Bagette is when they get dirty, you can pop them in the washing machine and have them come out clean and and ready to be used again!

A Bagette can hold up to 50lbs! Bagettes can be rolled up, balled up, washed in the washing machine, hang dried, and re-used over and over. Together we can make choices that help protect the planet! 


Our Bagettes are 24" tall and 14.5" wide with a 3" snap closure.

Fabric and care

100% recycled plastic

Machine wash cold

Line dry

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