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Why a Super Pig May Change How We Feel About Breakfast

Why a Super Pig May Change How We Feel About Breakfast

I gave up meat in my teens but didn't commit to full veganism until about 7 years ago when I was 40 after reading Eating Animals by Jonathan Safron Foer. Safron Foer wasn't an animal activist or even a committed vegetarian, but he was a new dad and, as he explains, felt a moral obligation to understand what he was feeding his family. Eating Animals caused me to go on my own journey investigating the dairy industry and in time, wean myself off cheese, committing to a vegan diet.

Since I have a very high capacity for empathy, watching animal exploitation films was difficult. Seeing any creature experience pain causes me to struggle with tears, hyperventilate and look away, which is why I'm excited about Okja - a new film by Bong Joon-ho (watch the trailer here).  The reviews share that the film handles the controversial and difficult topic of our meat industry with a degree of quirkiness -- shadowing the bleak realities of factory farming in a way that makes the film almost magical, although not for kids! This post isn't a review although it can point you to a few, its a coming soon alert! If you're in Los Angeles, stop by, I may queue up Netflix on its release date, June 28th, for a home screening! 

(Plus is it just me who has a huge crush on the outstanding and uber cool Tilda Swinton?!)

Variety review of Okja.