Pet Bowl | Dog Bone Crazy: Eco Pet Round Bowl

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Pet making you a bit crazy!? We've gone a bit crazy here too. In fact, we've gone Dog Bone Crazy for our new eco pet bowls! We think you and your pet will too!

  • THE CUTEST PET BOWLS IN THE MARKET: 1 AFFORDABLE PRICE We know the choice is bleak for chic pet bowls. Don’t want brown and boring? That's why I designed these fun pet bowls!
  • NO CHEMICALS NEAR YOUR PETS: We all want our pets’ dishes to be safe and chemical free. Our pet bowls are made of 70% bamboo. Plus our dishes are FDA approved, BPA and Phthalates free.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY & EASY TO CLEAN: Our eco pet bowls are made from leftover bamboo saw-dust from other products so they are 100% renewable, sustainable and good for the planet. AND they are also durable for active pets! 
  • PET APPROVED: I tested these dishes on my tribe of rescue cats and they received a strong paws up! Drawings by internationally recognized artist Martin León Barreto.


2" height and 6" diameter. Holds 2 cups to the rim.


Use with (crazy amounts of) love. ♥

Please hand wash due to anti-skid dots on bottom of bowl.

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