Bio-Plastic: Pet Bowls That Make a Difference

Bio-Plastic: Pet Bowls That Make a Difference

We're all realizing that adopting a cleaner, greener lifestyle for our families and our homes is not only healthier but helps protect the planet, the people and the animals with whom we share the Earth. But what about our pets? Should our companion animals go green too? 

Absolutely, and for all the same reasons. Adopting a green approach to pet parenting helps keep your pet healthy as well as the planet cleaner!

Where to Start? 

To me, there are few moments more important in our pets' lives (as in our kids' lives) then meal times. The growing awareness around the food we choose for our families -both our two and our four-legged family - shines a light on the all the bad things we don't want our pets or kids to eat. The next step in the food revolution is paying attention to what we serve their food on. 

For my feline family, I eschew dry food instead giving them raw meat and canned commercial brands, both great sources of vitamins and hydration. I also use lead-free ceramic bowls.

A few years ago, frustrated by the predictable and boring choices for pet bowls, which are a mainstay in my kitchen, I created the ceramic pet bowls on paws. Ceramic is a great material for pet bowls as its non-toxic (check to make sure) and non-porous which protects cats from bacteria. Ceramic is also easy to clean. 

However, as a cat rescuer, I also recognize the need for plastic bowls; bowls which may be a bit less expensive and are durable, can be both stacked and stored easily.

The Pitfalls of Plastic 

The bummer here is that plastic bowls are terrible for both pets and the planet. Every pet parent has seen the scratches in their pets' bowls after frequent use. Those scratches can harbor bacterial which can make your pet sick and no amount of cycles in the dishwasher will clean scratched plastic!  

In addition, those plastic pet bowls could be leaching chemicals like Bisphenal A (BPA) or Phthalates into your furry family's food. Both chemicals are dangerous to humans and can be toxic for the smaller bodies of cats and dogs. 

And what about the Earth? Most plastic pet bowls are not recyclable or biodegradable so they burden our landfills or can become part of the plastic accumulating in the oceans.

Options are available for pet bowls made from earth friendly materials but as a cat mom committed to good design, those bowls are as boring as most ceramic bowls. Made from molded corn, straw or bamboo, an earth-friendly pet bowl currently in the market is about as visually appealing as eating on a piece of cardboard. The trick was to find a way to create an eco bowl that didn't look like an eco bowl but had all the same properties.... or rather none of the bad qualities of plastic bowls! 

A Unique Eco Pet Bowl

Is there a unique eco pet bowl that will promote your pet going green? A healthier option for your pet and for the planet which also appeals to the design conscious parent? We think so! What do you think of our new eco pet bowls? Can your pet go green?