A basic introduction to Dylan Kendall Home Accessories!

1. Where are your products made?

We started out making all our products in California! But as demand grew, we had to find larger manufacturing partners to handle quantity. We do manufacture now in China. The clay is magnificent and I travel there often to work with our ceramics partners! 

2. Are your products dishwasher and microwave safe?

Yes! All our products are dishwasher, microwave and oven safe! With one exception- we produce the vase in Earthenware clay so while it can withstand your dishwasher and microwave, you can’t actually put it in your oven. We figured this was pretty unlikely anyway (who wants to cook flowers?!). Also please note that our bowls can actually withstand commercial dishwashers which use even hotter water!

3. What if something breaks in shipping?

Dylan Kendall packages all her items with great care and each shipment is insured. Please note that if any of our items break in transit, we will be happy to replace at no cost to you. Please contact us at info@dylankendall.com with a photo of the broken item and we will be happy to put the wheels in motion to send you a replacement!

4. What if my friends come over and try to steal my Dylan Kendall bowls?

Ah yes, we understand. There is something magical about our products, and friends and family alike have been known to become very attached to them. In  case this happens, we suggest you have a sit-down with the guilty party and encourage him or her to visit dylankendall.com to bring home their own Dylan Kendall products. 

5. What’s up with Bowly Guy?

Bowly Guy was the brainchild of Dylan Kendall after years of putting feet on bowls. As the company was forming, she thought her first human-footed bowl might want to take a tour of LA before landing in a shopping cart. Thus the blog was formed to track his journey and we are currently working on a short film of his adventures in the city. Check out his blog at www.bowlyguy.com

6. Where else can I buy Dylan Kendall products?

Currently Dylan Kendall products are sold on this website and through international distributors but check back often as we are expanding! 


7. How can my store carry Dylan Kendall products?

We’d love to have our products be a part of your store’s inventory. Please write to us at info@dylankendall.com to ask us how!


8. Are there more items coming?

Yes! The Efeet Collection is actually a 15 item line….sign up for our newsletter to be alerted regarding future roll-outs!