Pet Bowl | Company of Cats: Eco Double Feeder Pet Bowl with Stainless Steel Liner

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If one cat is good and two are great, what do six cool cats make? Cattasticness! Our Crayola-colored cat bowl double feeder reminds us that there is nothing crazy about being in the company of a clowder of cats. Instead our Company of Cats freely gives belly rubs and kitty kisses and always lets you sleep in the morning!

  • THE CUTEST PET BOWLS IN THE MARKET: 1 AFFORDABLE PRICE We know the choice is bleak for chic pet bowls. Don’t want brown and boring? That's why I designed these fun pet bowls!
  • NO CHEMICALS NEAR YOUR PETS: We all want our pets’ dishes to be safe and chemical free. Our pet bowls are made of 70% bamboo. Plus our dishes are FDA approved, BPA and Phthalates free.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY & EASY TO CLEAN: Our eco pet bowls are made from leftover bamboo saw-dust from other products so they are 100% renewable, sustainable and good for the planet. AND they are also durable for active pets! 
  • PET APPROVED: I tested these dishes on my tribe of rescue cats and they received a strong paws up! Drawings by internationally recognized artist Martin León Barreto.


13" length, 2.5" height, and 5.5" diameter. Each bowl holds 1.5 cups to the rim.


Use with love. ♥

Please hand wash. We do not recommend putting the base in the dishwasher as the rubber anti-skid may erode.

Customer Reviews

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Five Stars

Bowls are adorable! Thank you so very much for the extra!

Brad B.
eco double feeder pet bowl

my cat loves it. it's a great item!

Lisa Leibfried
Practical, well-made and the cats like it!

I gave this double-feeder bowl to a friend for her cats and she loves it. She's artistically-inclined and thought the design was very cute and colorful. Plus its well-made, and -- most important or fall -- the cats like it. Get it for your own cats or as a present. You can't go wrong.

Carolyn T Wimmer
2 Kitty (if we had them) Thumbs Up!!

Part 1 - Much to our surprise, our human bought us both one of these cool two-bowl feeder thingies, which works for us, since we don't like our soft and hard food mixed together. This way, our hard food can sit in the bowl until we lower our standards to eat it, and our soft food can be scarfed down as soon as catly possible. Then our human can clean the soft food bowl to be sure it is appropriately sparkling for our next soft food adventure. Most normal humans would use one of the bowls for water, but our human uses a separate, non-matching (shutter) bowl for our water, since we don't care what bowl the water is in.
Part 2 - From the human. I love these bowls! They are adorable, easy to clean, hard to knock over, and keep me from having to chisel out hard food which has been clumped together by the soft food gravy. I highly recommend them. They make me happy, although I'm sure the cats could care less about the style. Keep up the good work!

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