Ceramic Cat Bowl on Paws © | Large | Lifted


Why I Stand Out…

  • You’ll be able to tell if your furry feline likes me if he or she finishes dinner. I appreciate you may not always know how much your cat love you, but with me, you'll know. 
  • Maybe, just maybe, your cat needs a friend. I’m here for sneaky walks along the baseboards, judgmental soul-searching stares, and over-the-top cuddling. 
  • Note to our cat friends - feeling like the that laser pointer got the best of you again, didn’t it? What about the yarn?  Oh, my feline friend, it’s alright. Tomorrow’s a new day and I’ll be here waiting to go on that adventure with you.

Judgement-Free Uses

  • Yarn holder
  • Fur-ball catcher
  • Forgot to turn the dishwasher on last resort pasta bowl
  • Extra hair elastics, cuz’ it feels weird wearing more than one on your wrist
  • Succulent pot for cat free homes 


Dishwasher-safe | Microwave-safe | Lead and cadmium free | Non-toxic | Sturdy and durable, non-porous premium stoneware | Large Bowl 6"D x 4"D | 2 cups

Size may vary slightly due to shrinkage and expansion when firing.

*Always use caution when removing from microwave. Ceramics get hot. We understand the impulse, we've all been there. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Christina Hernandez
Absolutely obsessed

It came in perfect quality and my dogs + cats absolute love love love them!

Cynthia in CA

Very cute. My cat doesn’t have to crouch on the floor to eat now. Wish there were colors to choose from. I can see using this as a candy dish too.

Nigel Jacques
Simply the best pet food bowl

Have been fans of these high quality bowls for years. They help small dogs digest their food and are exceptionally stable. They are also durable, lasting many years of heavy use and still looking like new. They are unrivalled in our multiple dog experience.

Jacqueline Siegel
I love these bowls

The bowls are not only insanely cute and funny, they raise a pet’s head to a healthy position for swallowing food.

Nigel J
Unrivalled product

We have been fans of these fantastically designed dog and cat bowls since the early crowdfunding. They are great quality. Despite occasional knocks, we still have 4 of the original 6 after 4-5 years of heavy use from our pack of small dogs and occasional fosters. And they are perfect to help small dogs digest their food better because of their height. That they look good is a bonus! Great value. Highly recommended and we have never found anything that works as well when these unfortunately have been unavailable.

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